Job Title: #RF_Optimization_Engineer

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Job Title: #RF_Optimization_Engineer


Date: Oct 11, 2021
Location: #Tehran

Job Description:

RAN optimization Engineers are required in Pre launch optimizition project with below requirements.
-Well familiar with needed software in Huawei Vendor.
-Troubleshooting and optimizing of network, change parameters in order to improve KPI in U2020.
-Analyzing drive test & data collected by drive testers.
-perform required modifications and KPI changes such as : RSRP,RSCP, Ec/N0, RSRQ,RSSI, RTWP, SIR, throughput, drop rate, Soft handover parameters, Call setup Success rate, latency, neighbors list, link budget, antennas azimuth and tilt.
-Technical support on Radio Network Performance issues and communication with customer.
-RF parameters analysis, changing proposal and implementation operation to improve the radio network performance.
-Problem identification, organization, and resolution skills at an intermediate level.
Job Types: Full-time contract
Education: Telecommunication Bachelor at least

Minimum 2 years of experience is needed with Huawei Equipments.

Company: #FigeTel
Contact Info:, 09012645159

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